Saturday, December 15, 2012

Save up to 4% on Gold and Silver Pandas

Dear Customers,
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As we approach the end of 2012, many people are looking to rebalance their portfolios toward more investments in hard assets.  Should you decide to purchase more Chinese Gold and Silver coins, we ecourage you to visit our web store at to get the best prices.

Our online store offers:
  • 2% discount from ebay for purchases paid via Paypal.  These are the prices shown.
  • Save an additional 2% when you pay by check or wire (total of 4% below ebay!)
  • This means that you save $100 on a $2500 order when paying by check!
  • Free shipping
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We have assembled beautiful collection of high quality Chinese Panda coins over the past several months.  This may be an excellent opportunity to buy at relatively low prices.  We have only a few of each of the more unusual coins, so get yours now!  Visit our online store.
This is a must have for any collector and a great gift!
2013 silver panda
2010, 2011, 2012 dates available.  A great way to stock up on Chinese silver.
2013 pre-order for shipment after Jan 5.
15 coins in tubes are easy to store.  Coins remain in capsules.
2012-12-10 17.27.49

2012 1oz Gold Panda in mint seal.  
629372172_o_2540_1_thumbThis weekend just $1899
with check payment

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Consider adding to your collection today!

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